Tuesday, September 18, 2007

You still have to play chess

Thanks for the comment from Pale Morning Dun who read my post on the 8 ways to guarantee you finish the seven circles and also mentioned this vital piece of information:

You have to play games!

Very true. You can't make your rating go up unless you play rated games and win.

I can definitely see the standard of my chess improving - far fewer games where I blunder a piece or a pawn. And the beauty part is, I'm actually winning and drawing against people that are 400+ points above me.

Australian ratings only come out once every three months, but hopefully I'll get a chance to play in a bunch of rated games between now and the end of the year and see some fruit from my "labors of de la Maza".


SamuraiPawn said...

That's good advice. In the past I've only been taking part in one tournament per year. After this years tournament I've decided to play one rated standard game a week in the Swedish national league.

Blue Devil Knight said...

This is key. The more slow games to supplement the tactical training, during the tactical training, the better.