Monday, November 26, 2007

Tribute to Ian Rogers in the Monthly Magazine

For those reading this in Australia - check out the latest copy of the Monthly magazine.

My wife, Leigh Sales, has written a tribute to Ian Rogers - Australia's highest rated chess player.

The retirement of Ian Rogers was a shock to many, but as Leigh's article explains - it was a decision he made with much regret.

If doctors say the game is killing you, how are you supposed to respond to that?

Farewell to Ian Rogers - a true champion!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Another prize-winning tournament

I haven't written a blog entry for a while, but I should add at least one final entry to complete the seven circles saga.

I won a tournament!

Yes, it's true. I won the U1200 division of the Gosford Open. Even if I had been competing the U1400 division I still would have won.

It's really clear to me now that tactics is all you really need to worry about up to about a 1500 rating.

I'm probably going to take a little break from tournament chess for a while, but it does feel good to go out on a high note.